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Welcome to the Schej blog!

September 7, 2023
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TLDR: We are launching a bi-monthly blog about our scheduling site which integrates directly with Google Calendar to save you time. Follow our social media and check back here for more!

If you’re a college student, young professional, or anyone really, chances are you’ve had a hard time scheduling a meeting or an event with a larger group. That’s why we’ve created Schej, a scheduling tool which strikes the perfect balance between extreme simplicity and specialized usefulness.

What is Schej?

Schej is a browser-based collaborative scheduling platform that simplifies the process of finding time for groups to meet, and integrated with Google Calendar to speed up the process of filling out availability.

Event organizers log in to Schej with their Google Account and can create an event with parameters of time of day, specific dates, or days of the week. Events have a sharable link ready to be dropped in a group chat, included in a course syllabus, sent in a Slack or Discord channel, or shared in any conceivable way. Recipients follow the link to a page where they can sign in with their Google Accounts to have their availability automatically filled out! Users can add and adjust their availability manually as well, and users can even fill out events without logging in with Google (though we strongly suggest you do).

Schej also tracks both events you create and events you have joined on a simple user dashboard which keeps you from needing to dig through your message histories to find loose links. Instead, you have all your Schej events in one convenient location that’s easy to find when needed.

We created this blog to give updates about Schej as new features are released, to provide users with valuable and interesting content related to our product, and to help new users find Schej and learn about features and use. Time management and planning can be difficult, and we want to do something to make it a little easier for you!

What’s Next

We’ve created this blog to help new users find and learn more about Schej. We will be releasing blog posts bi-monthly, and upcoming topics will include profiles of our founders, product and use case demonstrations, user spotlights, and much more.

We are thrilled to be launching this blog and hope you revisit this page in the future. You can find out when we make new blog posts from our social media pages; find us on Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube.

So, what can you do now? Use Schej, at your clubs and organizations, and tell your friends about it! And, as you use it and you have comments and feedback about Schej, please feel free to share those thoughts with us in this feedback form. We read every submission and take your feedback very seriously!

Lastly, we want to thank you for reading this blog and for using Schej! Happy Schej-ing!

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