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How to use When2meet and Google Calendar together

November 30, 2023
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If you are one of the millions of monthly When2meet users, chances are you’re also a Google Calendar user. If you’ve wondered how you can best use Google Calendar and When2meet together, you’ve come to the right place!

Use Google Calendar and When2meet together on desktop

  1. On the When2meet tab, check to see which dates and times the When2meet is set to. Don’t forget! You’ll need that information in subsequent steps.
  2. Switch to your Google Calendar tab.
  3. Look at the dates of the When2Meet on your Google Calendar. Now, check to see when you have conflicting calendar events. Make sure to remember when these events are scheduled–you’ll need that information later.
  4. Switch back to your When2meet tab.
  5. On your When2meet tab, use your memory of your conflicting events to fill out the times you are available.
  6. During all this, it’s likely that you misremembered one of the dates or times of an event in your Google Calendar, or the specific dates from your When2meet. Toggle back and forth between your Google Calendar tab and your When2meet tab to check for entry errors, and correct them as needed.
  7. Once you have completed all the other steps, close your When2meet tab.

Use Google Calendar and When2meet together on mobile

Complete the same steps as above, but use your phone instead. Using the Google Calendar app is recommended for optimal results.

Schej: a better option

Now, you’ve probably realized that this is not a straightforward or easy series of steps to follow. This workflow depends heavily on your ability to remember granular details about your schedule, which requires more mental energy than you probably are willing to expend.

That’s why we created Schej, a browser-based scheduling platform that automates the tedious steps described above. Simply create an availability poll with Schej or join an existing Schej availability poll and autofill your availability with Google Calendar. No more flipping between tabs trying to remember when you’re busy!

If you made it to this blog post, you’re in the right place to try Schej today!

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