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I made a better When2meet

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I was frustrated with When2meet so my friends and I made a cool tool called Schej.

It's basically When2meet with better UI and the ability to see your Google Calendar events while adding your availability.

We’ve also been implementing many more features at the request of our users, including:

  1. being able to view a subset of people’s availabilities
  2. being able to poll for dates only instead of dates and times
  3. if needed vs available times
  4. hiding responses from respondents
  5. optional email notifications when people join your event

I've been using it a lot recently to schedule hang outs with my friends, especially as everybody comes back from college for the summer.

Check it out at and let us know if you have any feedback in our feedback form!

The code is fully open source at

If you have trouble remembering the url, redirects to the website :)